PROPOSAL in process: Allocating the 4,000,000 OBD developer incentive


  • The BOD previously allocated 4,000,000 OBD to be reserved in total as an incentive for developers and other contributors.

This will need to be staged over a couple years. Using some “back of the envelope” numbers.

  • Let’s say 1/2 goes to tech incentives, 1/2 to non-tech.
  • Let’s say there are 5 phases (or rounds).
  • This means 800K per phase: (4 million divided by 5), with 400K for tech, 400K for non-tech

Using the above formula, the suggestion is to allocate the first of the 5 rounds to the techs that are working on the PoCs

  • 100K tokens to ____ for PoC 1
  • 100K tokens to ____ for PoC 2
  • 100K tokens to ____ for PoC 3
  • 100K tokens to ____ for other

Something like that?