PROPOSAL in process: Allocating the 4,000,000 OBD developer incentive


  • The BOD previously allocated 4,000,000 OBD to be reserved in total as an incentive for developers and other contributors.

This will need to be staged over a couple years. Using some “back of the envelope” numbers.

  • Let’s say 1/2 goes to tech incentives, 1/2 to non-tech.
  • Let’s say there are 5 phases (or rounds).
  • This means 800K per phase: (4 million divided by 5), with 400K for tech, 400K for non-tech

Using the above formula, the suggestion is to allocate the first of the 5 rounds to the techs that are working on the PoCs

  • 100K tokens to ____ for PoC 1
  • 100K tokens to ____ for PoC 2
  • 100K tokens to ____ for PoC 3
  • 100K tokens to ____ for other

Something like that?

I think we’ll need to have a lot of discussion about this.
In a given time frame are all of the awards the same? Or do bigger, more valuable improvements get bigger rewards?
What is the difference between tech and non-tech improvements?
It kind of seems like the rewards would get smaller, in later rounds. But on the other hand, if we discover some major problem in later rounds, the team that fixes it should get a bigger reward.
On the other other hand, if OBD become more valuable over time, fewer tokens could still result in the same cash value.