Data visibility by the Previous Owner

If you stake an asset, that can give you visibility into key asset disposition events, and also contractually obligates the next buyer to maintain the chain of custody. This allows the former owner to see where the device subsequently goes.

My question is about the previous owner’s ability to access information collected while they owned the device.
When you sell your house, you don’t get to go back in it and look around anymore, and you don’t get to see what the new electric bill is.
You are, however, allowed to keep all of your old mortgage statements, in hard copy form, and maybe even on the mortgage company’s website.

It could happen that several years after you sell a laptop, you find yourself needing to prove that you securely had the drive wiped when you sold it. That proof of drive wiping still exists on the blockchain, and is stored in IPFS. It seems like it would make sense for owner No 1 to still be able to access that proof of wiping, even though they don’t own the device anymore.

When the device gets sold, the original file still is in the same location on IPFS, and let’s suppose it is encrypted. Does the new owner have the right to change the password, and lock the original owner out of the file?

If the new owner can do that, the original owner should have the right to pay the additional storage charge to have the original file kept in the original location, with the original password. The new owner is making a new copy in IPFS with a new password.

Would that work?