A lot to do... can you help out?

Here are list of committees and other action that we need help to do. I’ve listed some people but we need more. Please comment here and/or contact me: mark@obada.io

Task Volunteers
Make a VC plan for the 32M token pile Mark - Dirk/Vincent discussion
Grant Writing Committee - REMADE Robin/Jen/Ron/Donie/Mark
Grant Writing Committee - Other Robin/Jen/Ron/Donie/Mark
Source Controlled Doc for Motions Mark
Document Mktg v. Tech of our www Adam/Jennifer
Volunteer to quarterback OBS Rohi
Need to organize tech github docs Jennifer/Rohi/Andrii
Lead Node Team Rohi/Mark is going to post to the DAO forum a request for PMing all the tech teams.
Lead PoC 1 Team
Lead PoC 2 Team
Lead PoC 3 Team
Help Hire Front End Developer Ron/Mark/Rohi/Andrii
Help Hire Tech Writer Ron/Mark/Rohi/Andrii
Help manage Lawyer Relationship Mark
Help Manage Acct. Relationship Jen
Get the 501(c)6 app reviewed and filed Charles
Marketing G / Sarah

Rohi and I had a good meeting last week to talk about the hiring and some of the grant opportunities.